Wall Bed

Create Extra Space With Armadi Contemporary Wall Bed And Surround

A wall bed for extra space

If space in your house is at a premium, or you have a room that you use for other purposes that sometimes doubles up as a guest room, then a modern, contemporary wall bed designed and installed by Armadi is the perfect solution.

What is a wall bed?

A wall bed is a bed that folds up into its own cabinet in the wall and has a matching wall unit so that it looks like a cupboard when not in use. When it is needed, the bed is easily pulled down and your guests will sleep in style and comfort. When they leave, you simply fold the bed away and return the room to its usual use. Unless they actually use the bed, visitors to your house may never know it is there unless you tell them.

Many people put a wall bed in to their study so that they can use it as an extra bed room, or take out the bed in a room and convert it into a study and put in a wall bed. When the bed is not in use, the extra space is appreciated.

Designed to fit your room and look good

The secret to having a really useful wall bed is in the design and fitting. The unit should not look as if it contains a bed when the bed is not in use. The wall surround needs to be made so that nobody knows the bed is there when it is put away.

Our wall beds are custom made and we can work with you in order to create a surround that fits in with the style of your room, placing the bed cupboard where you need it. Using quality materials ensures that the bed and surround will be useful to you for years to come.

More than a bed

The surround to the wall bed can be designed to hold cupboards, a book case or shelves for ornaments. This means that the wall bed, when folded away, will just look like a part of the normal furniture in the room.

Comfort and versatility

With attention to comfort and detail your wall bed will always give your guests a good night’s sleep. This solution to bed space is far superior to a “put you up” or sofa bed because you are able to provide your guests with a proper place to sleep. You will also feel better knowing that your guests are sleeping in comfort.

Armadi is the best for wall beds

With a custom made, contemporary wall bed designed and fitted by Armadi you cannot go wrong. Our service is great, our materials of the highest quality and our designers and fitters skilled at what they do and dedicated to giving you the very best service.