Modern Vanity

Luxury And Style With A Modern Armadi Vanity Unit

Create a luxury feel in the bathroom

Change your bathroom into an area of spa like beauty and luxury. Include a custom designed vanity unit that enhances the rest of your décor. These units add a touch of class and style to any home. They can also be used to add useful extra storage space.

Make good bathroom great

Vanity units are essential to good bathroom design. Money spent here will never be regretted. They are the finishing touch some people never get around to, but they are the finish that your bathroom needs. By opting for a custom made unit you will create a first class look. A modern custom made vanity unit from Armadi is an investment you will not regret.

Avoid do it yourself versions

Avoid cheap “do it yourself” versions of vanity units as these quickly become shabby and make the room look dated. Nothing can beat the professional, hand crafted look of a well-designed bathroom vanity unit.

Made to your own design

You can design the unit you want and include the features you need. A vanity unit can be designed in almost any size and created to enhance the colour scheme and style of the rest of your bathroom. This is the way to give your bathroom a truly luxurious and finished look.

Choose a brilliant bowl

The bowl you choose for your vanity unit can be one of the best features in your bathroom so choose for boldness, elegance and style. Most modern units have a large bowl that sits on top of the unit and this can be made from a variety of materials. Glass, copper, stainless steel and granite are popular choices. Whatever bowl you chose, big is beautiful where vanity unit sinks are concerned.

Coordinate the bowl with your bath and toilet seat or shower fittings if these are in the same room.

Add amazing taps

A wonderful bowl will need amazing taps/faucets and bear in mind that you may need to coordinate these with those on the bath. Make these, together with the sink, an eye catching feature of the room.

Stunning Cupboards and Surrounds

The modern look is bright and airy and streamlined so choose a quality surround that reflects the light. Add cupboards that are simple, self-closing and made of a material that fits in with the rest of the room. Wood can also be a good choice.

A Mirror is essential

Every modern bathroom unit needs a beautiful mirror above the sink. Make sure it is a large one and has a light fitting above it so that shaving and putting on makeup are easy. A frame around the glass can look good and be decorated to suit the bathroom, or if the mood takes you, you could have a mirror cut to your own design. This will add a touch of originality and personality to your vanity unit.

Don’t forget the finishing touches

Your wonderful, modern, custom made vanity unit created with professional pride and care by our skilled craftsmen deserves the best treatment. Once it is installed, have fun buying the best towels and bathroom goods money can buy. After all, your bathroom has now changed from being a mere place to wash to a place of relaxation and beauty.