Modern Closets

Modern Custom Closets And Walk-In Closets Are A Must!

Our need for closet space in today’s homes, is the first thing anyone asks about when they go house hunting. It is first on the list even before the en-suite bathroom or how many garages are available.

The days of the free-standing closets in bedrooms, taking up valuable walking space is over. They have been replaced by the modern customized walk-in closet with all the shelves, space-saver fittings, and racks that you could possibly want. It can be as big or as small as your home allows, but it is becoming a popular addition to any bedroom.

Your bags, purses, shoes, shirts, dresses, pants, suits, and accessories are all fitted in their special places and make dressing at any time, a pleasure. In fact, organizing your space just the way you want it, is half the joy and is a soul-booster according to the proponents of Feng Shui.

The choice of design is vast and is only limited to your imagination. Have your special space customized into his and hers, or just hers, with a couch, make-up mirror and table with special lighting. Make the most of your toilette in a comfortable, luxurious room that is all yours.

The extra space in your bedroom will make it feel airy and will be the perfect place for relaxation without the feeling of claustrophobia one experiences in a small room made smaller by wardrobes.

The main features of any well-organized walk-in include:

  • Designated shelving for shoes, boots, casual and formal shoes. Keep His and Her’s on separate shelves for ease of use.
  • Multiple hanging areas for skirts, blouses, shirts, jackets, dresses, and pants – short enough to accommodate the items without wasting space.
  • Use adjustable shelves for your bags, hats, boxes, and baskets.
  • Rails for scarves, ties and long necklaces.
  • Specially made shallow draws with many compartments for your costume jewelry.
  • If your space is large enough, a tallboy can be used as a centre island and you’ll have extra space in the drawers.
  • And, of course, all drawers’ pull out rails and pull out shelving must have silent and smooth movements.
  • Most important of all is the lighting – this is a room without windows, so under-shelf lighting and directed lights will dramatically enhance the special features of décor. Have a strong light above your mirror or overhead so that your make up can be applied perfectly. Place lights inside all the shelving spaces fitted to a central switch.
  • Decorative moldings, statues, chaise lounges, paintings, and small tables will further enhance the feeling of luxury.
  • A special feature will be your built-in safe. This is a must in any modern home and can be perfectly hidden behind pull-out shelving for privacy and security.

Does the walk-in have to be in the bedroom? There are beautifully customized closet spaces built in under staircases – usually a wasted space and is perfect for the townhouse where bedroom space is limited.

Shanghai the spare bedroom after the kids have left and you will have the walk-in you have always dreamed of. Make it your own – decorate, innovate and create. Organize, harmonize and systematize to your own tastes and ideas and you will have joy for life!