Contemporary Kitchen

Create A Modern Kitchen With A Contemporary Feel

Spend time thinking about the layout

The kitchen is the heart of any home and so needs time and money spending on it to create the perfect place to cook, eat and relax. It is not difficult to create a modern kitchen with a contemporary feel as long as care and thought is put into the design and the right layout and materials are chosen. An added bonus is that a good, modern kitchen installation with a contemporary feel will add value to your house.

Aim for an uncluttered, individual look

It is easy to create an individual look that is right for you and your family that is both beautiful and functional. The up-to-date kitchen is functional but has a light and airy, streamlined feel to it. Clutter and color are kept to a minimum. Many kitchens are now open plan and designed well, this can make your home seem larger.

Break up the space

Many kitchens are now open plan and designed well, this can make your home seem larger. Create different areas for cooking, eating and relaxing. If space is tight, use an overhanging breakfast bar and if it is not then the bar and perhaps an island can be used to divide the different areas of the kitchen. Include units that are streamlined and handle free and make use of curved corners if you can. Choose units with soft close doors.

Aim for space and light

Even the smallest kitchen will benefit from attention to maximizing the light and space. Use plenty of reflective materials and include as much storage space as you can. Glass and stainless steel are a good choice for this.

Add a little drama and a color

White or light colored walls and units are best. Avoid using too many colors elsewhere and make use of one or two dramatic pieces to add interest to the room. Taps and light fittings are often a good place to introduce these and can be color coordinated while an interesting splash back above the sink can be created using glass or stainless steel or interesting marble or stone tiles. You can also make use of contrasting textures.

Pay attention to the sink area

The sink area should include the best sinks, taps and draining board you can afford. Include double sinks and a waste disposal, spray taps and dishwasher. As with all areas aim at making this a clutter free zone.

Up to date appliances

Choose appliances that use cutting edge technology. Everything in your new kitchen needs to be new and up to date. Hide fridges and dishwashers behind doors and make sure the oven and hob look good.


Continue the streamlined feeling into the lounge area and choose a white or light colored sofa. Add a final splash of color with bright cushions that pick up on the color you chose for your other dramatic pieces. This will make your modern, contemporary kitchen feel complete.