Elegance And Functionality In A TV Unit

You’ve worked hard to build your modern lifestyle. It’s time to relax, put your feet up and leave the work to us. Armadi Design offers a wide range of customized, modern TV units in the greater Miami area. You didn’t settle on a subpar TV. Why settle on a subpar TV Unit? Leave it to the experts at Armadi. Allow us to custom design a TV unit that can seamlessly integrate any size and number of TVs into one functional unit. We offer efficient, modern designs that make the TV unit more than just a unit, it becomes a work of art.

We get it, you love your TV. Don’t let it languish in a mediocre TV stand or home theater system. Let us custom design a TV unit that will bring out the beauty of the room. We can bring out the full potential of your TV with a smart, stylish TV unit. We’ll work with you to create that chic look that offers a refreshing breath of air each time you walk into the room.

When you partner with Armadi it doesn’t matter the size and shape of the TV. Our personalized designs can accommodate the smallest TV’s that fit snugly in a kitchen or bathroom all the way up to the largest units that are the centerpiece of the family room or man cave. We recognize there are different challenges to designing a TV unit in a kitchen versus a living room. Our design staff will create a unit that combines maximum functionality with the height of sophistication for each individual TV. Maybe you have multiple TVs that will need to be integrated into a functional design? We got you. At Armadi Design we love a challenge, and those multiple TV unit designs allow us to show off what makes us a truly one of a kind manufacturer.

Our designs will help keep your rooms clean and clutter free. No one wants those pesky cords showing out from behind the TV. Maybe you have additional entertainment accessories that need to be stored close by for easy access but don’t want them cluttering up your modern look? We can add in a few drawers or cubbyholes, no problem. That’s the beauty of our custom design, you tell us exactly how you want it!

Partner with Armadi and let us help you create a TV unit that is not only trendy but personalized at the same time. You’ve got the modern TV, now get the modern unit to house it. Our design will complete that modern look you have worked so hard to build. So sit back, relax, and let Armadi Design upgrade your TV viewing experience.

Ask about the full line of innovative features that we can integrate into you personalized TV unit.