Welcome to Armadi. We create custom furniture that is as unique and made completely in the USA.
Make a statement within your home or business with us.
We can re-design any room, any where, in order to make it fit your personality. Discover what we can do as a high quality, modern contemporary furniture manufacturer with experienced designers who know how to customize a piece to your specifications.

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Modern custom furniture

Modern furniture encompasses an extensive range of styles that can be extremely adaptable which gives it a clean and crisp look in your home. There is something out there that is better than modern furniture… and that is modern custom furniture. Custom furniture can help utilize your space no matter how large or small in the most efficient and functional way possible. By purchasing custom furniture you know that you are investing in quality materials and products that are built to last, and you know that you will be getting what you want and need.


Custom kitchen

Modern kitchen design is an important aspect of your kitchen. Custom cabinets provide space for arranging and keeping all the kitchen equipment, utensils and other items, so that they are not scattered all over the kitchen. It helps in making use of the entire space. Custom kitchen cabinets solve all of your storage problems if they are manufactured according to plan.


Custom Doors

Here you can find the trendiest and most efficient systems for closet doors and room dividers. They come in different designs, materials, and textures, and are all framed in natural aluminum. Custom doors in Miami.


Wall Bed

Custom Armadi’s wall bed in Miami.
A wall bed is a bed that folds up into its own cabinet in the wall and has a matching wall unit so that it looks like a cupboard when not in use. When it is needed, the bed is easily pulled down and your guests will sleep in style and comfort. When they leave, you simply fold the bed away and return the room to its usual use. Unless they actually use the bed, visitors to your house may never know it is there unless you tell them.